Project partners will meet in Caen

The next project partners meeting will be held by Builders École d’ingénieurs in Caen on the 19th September 2023. This will provide an opportunity for the partners to debate the already concluded and the undergoing activities and carefully plan the next steps on the implementation of the project. Follow us to have more information on the results of the meeting and also all the other important project results, aiming to strengthen the bonds between students and research activities in higher education.

BLIST project is implementing a European Comparative Study on Boosting Student Inclusion in Research Activities

As part of the project activities, the partners are conducting a European comparative study to uncover the best practices for encouraging higher education students to actively engage in research activities.
The insights gained from this benchmark study will enable the development of  a suite of valuable tools geared towards enhancing the capacity of higher education institutions (HEIs) to seamlessly integrate students into research activities.
The comprehensive questionnaire is directed to:
– Higher education institution (HEI) management and research staff.
– International Relations professionals.
– Students who have been or are currently involved in research activities.

Your input is crucial to our research! You can help us in two ways:
– Complete the questionnaire yourself (available here in both English and French)
– Share the questionnaire within your respective higher education institutions (HEIs) among the three specified categories of individuals.